We are an exclusive testing facility for SureHire, a full service pre-employment and occupational testing company with the largest exclusive occupational testing network in Canada. We have partnered with SureHire because their focus on efficiency, expertise, and friendly service is the best in the industry.

For Employers

SureHire is your partner in creating a customized approach to screening applicants that fits your company’s specific needs.

Why SureHire?

  • Get accurate, reliable results within 1-2 hours of test completion
  • Book appointments and access results online 24/7
  • Access a network of facilities in rural and urban locations across Canada
  • More information on SureHire services

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    For Employees

    Going to a SureHire exclusive facility means that you’ll be tested quickly by our friendly expert staff.

    Whether it’s your first time being tested or your 10th time, SureHire staff will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible.

    What to expect:

    For a drug or alcohol test

    For a medical or physical